the dulcifex

Aurelia and Claudia with dulcifex

This play, by Anthony Hodson, is a romantic fantasy/comedy set in Ancient Rome. Two children slip away from their slave-girl nurse and, following would-be robbers, are made invisible by Diana to save them. While invisible, they find the dulcifex, Cupid's new toy, designed by Vulcan to make people nice. Restored to normality (and the dulcifex to invisibility), they decide to surprise the robbers. Near disaster ensues, but the dulcifex (identified with a ribbon) saves them, and helps bring about a happy and romantic conclusion.

The play is currently being worked on in a shorter form, "The Dulcifex and the Temple of Mercury" by Y4-Y6 children from Whitegrove School. In this form, it has been reduced to just 3 scenes, and dramatises the discovery of the dulcifex after the children have been made invisible by the goddess Diana, They - and their nanny - realise that this has its disadvantages, and the play dramatises the resulting confusion. It will be acted by 9 children and two adults, and is intended to be played by heart in Latin.

It benefits from a simple set including Phyllis' window and (if possible) the door to Mercury's temple. The first performance took place in the Choir of a church with limited central space, but with several places of entry or exit.

Bilingual English/Latin text

Latin text with interleaved translation

Here is the original play and a photo from it.

Original bilingual English/Latin text

cast during curtain-call