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About Anthony and Margaret-Anne Hodson

Margaret-Anne and Anthony Hodson are active older people. They live in an old house in Bracknell, and have done so since 1976. In this house they raised two children, now married and with children of their own. The oldest grandchild was born in 1997.

Anthony maintains a number of activities:

Margaret-Anne also is busy, also in a number of ways:

Margaret-Anne was awarded an MBE in 2008 for starting the first regional newsletter for the Riding for the Disabled Association, and running a full-scale horse show in a high-profile place (Ascot Race Course) - for disabled riders only. This event kick-started dressage as a major competitive sport for disabled riders, leading to the start of Britain's successes in dressage in all the Paralympic Games since 1996.

Margaret-Anne and Anthony enjoy travel, and a lot of this came from your years living in the USA from 1966-1970, with old friendships to maintain. If you click on any of the pictures below, you will find travel and other photos taken over the years.

Alaskan wild bear

Alaskan wild bear

Hawaii helicopter

Helicopter to Kilauea volcano

Lobsters, Boothbay Harbour

Lobster dinner in Maine

Anthony is a brother of Nicholas Hodson, who died in May 2016 (press the NJH button at top), of Professor Daniel Hodson, and of Charles Hodson, who has retired to Cornwall.

Anthony and Margaret-Anne Hodson
Spring Lanes House,
Holly Spring Lane,
Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 2JL
Tel: 01344 483347
EMAIL LINK to Anthony
EMAIL LINK to Margaret-Anne

Spring Lanes House

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