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Anthony Hodson teaches ABRSM Music Theory
and also ABRSM aural tests up to Grade 8

Teaching Music Theory

Young (and old) musicians who have passed ABRSM Grade 5 Practical exams in any instrument are required to pass Grade 5 Music Theory before they progress to higher practical grades. Although this may seem just a tiresome hurdle to jump over, the music theory syllabus gives a solid grounding in the notation of music, and in the basic ideas of musical structure - major and minor keys, rhythms, intervals and cadences.

Anthony has been teaching Music Theory at this level for a number of years, and brings enthusiasm, musical understanding, gentleness and a sense of fun to his lessons. He is firm in correcting mistakes, working on the principle that learning by one's mistakes is a key aspect of learning - and he is endlessly patient and helpful in the correction process. Every pupil of his so far has passed the exam.

He gives lessons in pupils' homes, and they are normally one-one, although teaching two well-matched pupils can work out. As a retired person he can charge very competitive fees. Details can be found on the Music Teachers website. His normal fee for teaching within a 7-mile catchment area is £17 for an hour's lesson. Outside that range mileage applies at 30p/mile for the round trip, and this covers travel time as well.

This is what a pupil sent Anthony:

From a pupil's thank you card

Anthony can be contacted at
01344 483347
or by email at aeh@xdotd.com.

Teaching Background

Anthony has been a teacher all his life (mostly as a part of his professional activities), starting with teaching younger pupils while still at school.

Anthony is a father and grandfather, and has taught after-school clubs in local primary schools. He is also Director of the Winkfield Junior Concert Choir, and is very familiar with the role of teacher to young people. His pupils have ranged from 7 to 17, playing many instruments.

His theory tuition makes use of the 'Pass Grade 5 Theory' coursebook by Dorothy Dingle. This provides a systematic framework for learning the syllabus, and does not assume any prior knowledge of Music Theory. It is also a useful reference-book for revision purposes. Anthony also teaches 'Pass Grade 3 Theory' to younger pupils; this is a parallel textbook that is a gentler introduction to Music Theory, Some pupils have moved from Grade 3 Theory direct to Grade 5 theory without actually taking the Grade 3 exam and this seems to work.

In addition to Music Theory, Anthony coaches ABRSM musicians in the Aural component of Grade 6-8 practical exams. He also coaches GCSE pupils in Latin or in mathematics.

Anthony's music

Anthony has been a musician since childhood. He started learning the piano at the age of 8, and as an older boy learned the oboe and the organ. He was fortunate in having inspirational teachers, who not only encouraged practical skills, particularly as an oboist, but also gave him a good grounding in music theory and harmony that supported his composition work over a long life.

As a young sailor during National Service, he learned the tuba, and in later life also played the euphonium, and he also took adult piano lessons,competing in a number of classes at the Woodley Festival. On retirement, he returned to double-reeds by learning the bassoon, under the encouraging tutelage of the late Robert Jordan, then bassoon tutor at Eton College, and he also revived his skills as an organist. He consolidated his knowledge of music and its theory by an Open University degree that was taken 50% in Music and 50% in classical studies (including Latin and Greek); and he also passed ABRSM Grade 8 music theory with Merit.

From a recent song:

Tendresse p2


Anthony started composing as a boy, with a small number of works for instrumental ensemble, and further works of no real significance appeared in later years.

Over the last few years, Anthony has written a number of works for voice

  • Songs
  • Adult and children's choral work
  • Instrumental works

Most of these have been performed at the Woodley Festival or in the church of St Mary's Winkfield

Other musical activities

Anthony is bassoonist for the Woodley Concert Band, a high-standard local wind band. He playes the organ monthly for St Mary's Church, Winkfield, and is the musical director of the Winkfield 'Music and Merriment' Christmas concerts.

XdotD Associates

XdotD Associates is the name of the consultancy company that Anthony set up towards the end of his career as a consultant in Information Technology.

XdotD Associates is today the business framework within which Anthony carries out his teaching and charitable work, also supporting Margaret-Anne's charitable work for the RDA and other causes.


Why XdotD?

Anthony was an expert in the X.500 technology for distributed directories that today form a basis for identity management for big corporations. XdotD is built from X.500 by noting that the Roman numeral D means 500.

XdotD Associates became a consultant to a number of prestigious companies and organisations working in the X.500 technical area, including ICL, Siemens, and the European Commission's technical arm.

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Anthony and Margaret-Anne Hodson
Spring Lanes House,
Holly Spring Lane,
Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 2JL
Tel: 01344 483347
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Spring Lanes House

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